In an era of millions of fashion, travel and lifestyle blogs and accounts, On Wednesdays doesn’t attempt to compete or be perfect. Instead, this is a space for inspiration, reflection and experimentation – pure and simple. I was craving a spot where I could experiment with topics that truly resonated with me and expressed my ever-evolving identity.

I would like to use this blog to share and document my research into the fashion industry, as well as my creative endeavours and adventures around the globe – which I suppose makes me just another privileged millennial travelling the world and writing about fashion. And yet… There is room for conversation and critical thinking in this superficial digital world. I am investigating the fashion industry on a wider scale, contextualising social and cultural issues within various historical and philosophical frameworks. Through hard research, and playful creativity, I seek to be inspired, and to inspire you.

I might not always wear pink, but on Wednesdays, I hope you sit with me.



I am a right-brained Capetonian living and breathing French air in my current beautiful life as a student in Paris. My personal and academic goals and interests are inextricably intertwined. My background is in art direction and visual communication, particularly where it merges with the fashion industry.

I received my Visual Communications degree specialising in art direction and graphic design from AAA School of Advertising in 2015, followed by an Honours degree in Fashion, specialising in fashion business and trend forecasting from Fedisa in 2016. My studies into these creative fields have allowed me to develop a critical view on an industry generally considered to be frivolous and superficial, but which is in reality a rich area of study. Design and fashion touches society, culture, history, the environment and even politics in extremely tangible ways. If you are not rolling your eyes yet, read more on this in my posts, where I will be sharing some of my thoughts and research.

I am currently continuing my studies at a masters level at Parsons The New School. The MA in Fashion Studies presents a theoretical overview on the fashion industry, exploring philosophy, cultures, methodology and research within the creative industries. I am attending both the Paris and New York campuses during my respective semesters. I still have to pinch myself whenever I write that. I have a burning desire to learn more about everything, and to see more of the world. To me, this blog is a creative, conceptual and academic outlet, allowing me to experiment in all the fields I feel passionate about: art, fashion, philosophy, photography and writing.

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