We recently interned at Salon 58’s Awaken Grace soiree, where we got to work on and experience Jackie Burger’s innovative venture. The theme draws on women’s month and the age of grace, grace towards others and grace towards the environment.

Held in the creative setting that is the PJ Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch, the collaborative event featured a MAC lip service bar, a five course interactive food experience from Slippery Spoon and Woolworths food, a hair talk by Redken, botanical scents from the Wild Olive African Artisan Apothecary and fashion from Habits. The graceful white decor reminiscent of a simpler time was the perfect backdrop.

Described by Jackie Burger as “some place of magic,” Salon 58 was established in the hopes of presenting curated experiences that are immersive and authentic. Inspired by 17th century French salons, it is a space for exchanging ideas. It is also a platform for local food, art, fashion and beauty to showcase their worth and engage with consumers in a manner that fosters appreciation rather than marketing.

These lovely sentiments resonate with bigger societal trends, such as consumers’ growing hunger for personal narrative. We are overexposed to the hard-sell we see a million times a day in the form of mass advertisements. We don’t respond to it anymore. Instead, we hope to engage with brands on a more organic, human level. We want to integrate products into our lives that work for us, and suit us on an individual level. We want that narrative and that curated content.

As a prominent figure in SA’s fashion landscape, Jackie’s idea of a poetic, artistic and above all, personal experience might be one to set a precedent for other companies in South Africa. How fun it would be to see more of this kind of novelty.



Words: Yolanda Senekal

Photographs: Yolanda Senekal & Jade Williams