For some inexplicable reason, fishnet stockings are having a major fashion moment. Well, perhaps not so inexplicable. Like many things in our bizarre pop-culture obsessed world, the trend started on social media with seemingly none other than the notorious Kardashians.

The most famous sister, Kim, shared a standard topless image donning the the diamond patterned hosiery up to her waist under a pair of unzipped jeans. The littlest Kardashian, Kylie, followed suit, albeit clothed in her own The Kylie Shop “Like, realizing stuff” tee.

From there, fishnets seeped into influencers’ street style at the passed fashion month and a trend was born. The grungy accessory was possibly so easily accepted by fashionistas due to the fact that it plays well with the current nineties athleisure aesthetic, but can also work with more dressed-up maximalist outfits.

We love that such a small, inexpensive styling trick can take pieces you already own into the trend universe, if you’re into that kind of thing. However, consider carefully how to add fishnets to your wardrobe. This specific style of pantyhose has certain pretty women-esque connotations if worn inappropriately.

The gateway piece into this trend, fishnet socks, are the easiest way to add a hint of avant-garde to your loafers or sneakers. Alternatively, layer fishnet tights under ripped jeans. This works especially well with cropped tees and sweatshirts from the 90s logo mania brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s and Calvin Klein. Of course, fishnets can be worn as they were intended – as actual stockings paired with a skirt or dress, but this is the trickiest style to navigate. Opt for longer, looser dresses and ankle boots to keep it chic.

Or just do whatever you want – there should not be any rules in fashion. It is an expression of your identity after all. We styled the look with ripped jeans from Topshop and a white tee from Zara, which embodies another proliferating trend: corsetry. First done by Miuccia Prada last season, corseted pieces and accessories are popping up in various forms, from corset belts to corset chokers. The style pays homage to a more feminine silhouette as both the ultra-feminine and anti-feminine trends gain ground in an increasingly feminist social landscape…but more on that in another post.

Words & Layout: Yolanda Senekal

Illustrations: Yolanda Senekal