So yeah, we started a blog.

Original, right? We are unjustifiably proud and excited to introduce On Wednesdays, a space where we will be documenting our adventures and inspirations.

Who are we? We are visual communicators from Cape Town, who share a love for life, art and fashion.

Born from a desire to express our (sometimes) unique perspectives on style, design and generally the beauty in the world, this blog will evolve as we do and serve as a digital diary of sorts – but one we hope to share with you.

On Wednesdays is a way for us to manifest our creative thoughts, and if we happen to inspire even one person along the way, well, lucky us.

For our first post, we visited the Mount Nelson for some tea. Where better to start our journey than an iconic piece of pink architecture right here in our lovely city. On top of that, we decided to launch our blog on the Wednesday right before the first of September, which signifies the start of spring in South Africa. Spring being a time for new beginnings, we thought this to be quite poetic. Of course, it was also pure coincidence.

We might not always wear pink, but on Wednesdays, we hope you sit with us.

Lots of love,

Yolanda & Jade




 Words: Yolanda Senekal

Photographs: Jade Williams & Yolanda Senekal