So we all know that “spring” in Cape Town is more a term of an endearment than an actual description of the time of year. Luckily, there is a nifty little fashion trend perfect for our unpredictable weather.

Layers. Layers are your best friend for what the street style moguls like to call “transitional dressing”. Yes, wearing a sweater under a dress or t-shirt used to be considered nerdy, or exclusively for early-2000s punk-rock bands, but it, along with all things 90s and anti-fashion, is having a major trend moment.

So, on a spring-time Saturday morning (following a late Friday night) we opted for a white top underneath a slip-dress with thigh boots and a matching choker, as we went in search of some sorely needed comfort food.

Honest Chocolate Cafe, a spot we frequently frequent (haha) was the perfect respite. And the perfect backdrop for the outfit we were way too pleased with.

Now, for those who don’t know it, Honest Chocolate Cafe is an adorable little coffee shop in Wale street that serves all things made from their organic brand of chocolate. Imagine dishes like chocolate nachos, sweet potato brownies and ice-cream bunny chow. Yes, amazing. The rustic decor and artisanal product clearly aligns Honest with Cape Town’s maker culture – which is what makes our dear city the hipster’s paradise.

But even us mainstream girls can have our Instagram moments here.

So, if you are bold enough to leave the house in what is essentially sleepwear, layering could take your slip dress and thigh boots from call girl to cool girl.

And if you are still recovering from a Friday night, your silky dress can help you imagine that you are still safely in bed. (Also, a few hours earlier, on said Friday night, Honest has a secret gin bar where you can prepare for your following morning’s hangover. If they were a bed-and-breakfast, we would never leave.)


Words: Yolanda Senekal

Photographs: Jade Williams