Fashion’s most reliable print is popping up again as we see stripes rule the runways in the most dissonant forms ever: horizontal, vertical, asymmetrical, bold, thin, colourful and monochromatic.

This season’s stripes seem to reflect the psyche of a turbulent year. The print refuses to be labelled or ruled and takes on a multitude of personalities and themes. Gigi Hadid’s recent collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger gave the age-old nautical trend a new lease of life, while Gucci and Chanel opted for sophisticated rainbow stripes and Dolce & Gabbana played up the pyjama trend that has pervaded 2016.

Our interpretation of the trend for this post pays tribute to the fact that it finally feels like springtime in Cape Town. We kept it simple with monochromatic pinstripes, the perfect transition between the seasons’ stereotypical colour palettes: winter’s muted hues and summer’s cheerful brights.

And of course, we were not complaining about the universal truth that heralds vertical stripes as the most flattering version of the iconic print. However, we did not hold back any stripy glory. We even doubled up for some stripe on stripe action.

We also gave a nod to the “resort wear” movement with breezy fabrics and comfortable cuts. The Zara trousers in particular gave off a certain yacht-life vibe, despite the fact that they are little more than glorified pyjamas. You gotta love fashion.stripes

Images: Jade Williams

Words: Yolanda Senekal