How awesome is this emerging trend towards individuality and expressing our identities? The whole “be yourself” notion has long been the premise of many a Disney film, but it seems that the fashion industry is really embracing it lately.

Is it slightly ironic that individuality is considered a trend? Yes. And is it slightly ironic that we are giving you advice on a way to express your identity? Probably.

But this is just how we embraced the customisation trend and we hope to inspire! You just keep doing you, honey.

So, how many patches are too many patches? That is the question.

Remember when customised denim jackets were only for 80s pop stars? That’s no longer the case. Patches are looking mighty fine on EVERYTHING right now. We want them on our jackets, on our bags, on our caps, on our jeans… You get the idea. We want to customise everything we own. An also, we probably will.

So, this was meant to be a bit of a DIY post for those of you who, like us, love anything customised and unique. But to be honest, the iron-on game goes very much like this:

Step 1: Iron on your patches.

Step 2: There is no Step 2.

It really is too easy. Of course, as we have already tried it, we do have some advice and tips. Use a piece of scrap material, or a handkerchief to cover the patch as you iron it on. This prevents the colour from staining your clothing. When it’s all ironed-on and looking fab, it is a good idea to actually sew the patches around the edges, as the glue does come loose. However, for those of you scared of commitment, the good news is you could probably pull the patches off if you get tired of them one day.

The patches pictured here are from our local MRP and Factorie. We also spotted some pin versions at Typo and Cotton On.



Words: Yolanda Senekal

Illustrations: Jade Williams

Photographs: Jade Williams & Yolanda Senekal